My first adventures into the world of virtual reality. We took the original Until Dawn into a rollercoaster shooter in virtual reality, taking the horror themes into a carnival setting for a thrilling ride into madness!

One of the most exciting challenges of the new technology was to explore the ways in which a player could now interact with the game, using the immersive view and surround sound really took the suspense and horror to another level.

It was fun sitting in an office with a bunch of people in dev kits. It looked a lot like a Daft Punk tribute convention.


My role
As Lead UI on the project, I had to learn how to use the limited memory resources on the equipment to maintain the AAA standard we had created with the original Until Dawn. The UI had to be easily legible and yet highly themed and have a realistic nature while also being legible at multiple angles as the assets were viewed while the player moved along the tracks or just simply moved their head!