Jagex and Runescape were my first steps into the game industry and remain an incredible experience as I grew from being a one-man 2d team to leading a casual games department and Lead UI artist.

During my time there I worked on the incredibly popular MMORPG Runescape, supporting the team with any and all 2D assets that they needed and when the opportunity arose I pitched and created an internal casual games department, FunOrb. The FunOrb team grew to roughly 30 people including a vastly outnumbered art team that made for a challenging but varied and exciting role as we provided the many developers with all manner of assets and layouts as well as UX direction.

It was a fun time and cemented my love of the games industry.


My role

Jagex was – and most likely still is – an incredibly fluid company. I began as a 2d artist supporting the MMORPG with UI assets, fonts and icons alongside meta content for the website such as animated banner assets and seasonally themed artwork.

When working as Lead Artist in the FunOrb team I would create art styles and direction for the various games. The titles were many and varied, in 2D and 3D, from RTS-lite titles and scrolling shooters to platformers and ever-popular worms-like MMO title Arcanists where players created wizards and arcane creations to blow each other up with all manner of magical ordinance!

When the company was in need of an experienced UI to take RuneScape to its next iteration I jumped at the chance to focus my skills on one area and enjoyed the immense challenge of defining an MMORPG’s entire UI.