Many years ago I kickstarted my own adventure game – Jason The Greek and The Ladies of Lemnos. The inspiration for the game is the legend of Jason and The Argonauts but with the personalities of Captain Kirk and crew from the original Star Trek series.

The first part of the legend focuses on Jason docking at Lemnos, an island of women. So, if you can imagine Captain Kirk on a planet of women… you can see where this is all going 😉

I’m a huge fan of Greek myths, trekking and adventure games so this was an opportunity to bring all three passions into one personal project.


My role
As a personal project, I was and am all things – artist, designer, animator, writer, producer… you name it! In the early days I had the time to work on the game full time but since those decadent days, any and all spare time is spent working up artwork, character animations, room designs and backgrounds… whatever I can do to keep the game and crew moving forward.

I was backed by 600 amazing people (family, friends and total strangers) and I owe it to each and every one of them to finish the game to the best of my abilities.