In a galaxy not all that far away, a group of intrepid voyagers are stranded on a planet much like our own, except that it’s flat.

While the essential crew stay on board the ship, several away teams of red-suited individuals are sent to the planet’s surface to secure much-needed resources.

They will be missed.

This is the card game dedicated to their epic adventures on this strange flat planet as they try to… Escape from Flat Earth!

My Role

Artist, designer, creator and package designer, I created the game as an opportunity to work on my character design and illustration skills – and have a lot of fun along the way! I thought that packaging the game in a communicator style box and adding in a sound module to make a ‘chirp’ when it opens would be a good hook.

The game is focused around a timeline and writing events to build this as you play has been an added challenge and offered chances for some weird and wonderful illustrations!

You can follow the game progress here: