The Crossbows and Catapults of old now sit, gathering dust, all but forgotten… The Battleground has fallen silent… Until now!

Our game is inspired by Crossbows and Catapults, but based instead around the 100-year war between England and France – you build a British Bastion or a French Fortification and hope it lasts longer than your opponents as you unleash a barrage of boulders!

The War for the Floor has Begun Once More!
My role
Everything! As a personal project, Catapult Kingdoms started as me taking a game from my youth, a favourite of my Brothers and mine, and 3d print the pieces that were missing so my two young boys had a game to play. As I began to make pieces I saw how they liked to build and destroy in equal measure and how they wanted more pieces to build so I took the idea and built-in my own love of Monty Python to make a new play experience for them and so many other players since!
Creating the characters, learning to 3D print alongside improving my game creation skills in all areas, this has been a joy and, most of all, having my kids involved in something like this has been incredible.
I now have a publisher and I hope, one day, I’ll see Catapult Kingdoms on the shelf of a shop somewhere!