My first title when I started working at Supermassive Games. I was given the task of adding characters to the game and making them fun, along with creating ideas for alternative designs that players could purchase along with the various upgrades that could be found in the shop or won on the daily roulette players could enjoy should they return to the game frequently.

Modeling characters as they hung out below their racing balloons, giving a big thumbs up or hanging on for dear life as the boosters kicked in… Adding little animations and fun poses was a great entry to the company for me.


My role
Character artist and UI artist blended together for this game as I got to enjoy working in photoshop sketching up fun balloon ideas (the hotdog balloon with cart underneath was great fun) to draw out and model. The UI was fairly minimal in the game but a really exciting challenge for the meta content as we integrated in-game payments to help fund the titles continued development.