I’m Kristian Fosh
Welcome to my website.

Here I am, sitting in Berlin, creating a website to show you why I’m the creative you are looking for.

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This is what others have said about me:

Kris is an incredibly talented designer and animator who is extremely capable and adaptive. His ability to interpret the loosest of ideas and create a mock up in minutes to confirm your thinking is phenomenal. He completed two very different project for UK Gigs Online to an impeccable standard. The first was a complete 3D model of a live music venue with interactive lighting that needed to fit with our current style and have a real ‘wow’ factor to it. He nailed it. I’m still blown away by it every time I see it. The second was a 2:30 animated promotional video for the website which brought in his skills in animation and provided him with a fair amount of creative freedom. The final result was fantastic. This was big project for us and we could not have produced the results we obtained without Kris’s dedication. An true asset to any project. Wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.

Over the past few months, Kris has been hired for a number of projects, and has delivered on every level – my clients absolutely love him. His enthusiasm and dedication shines through. The standard of his work in graphics and programming is of very high quality. He also works to very tight deadlines without complaint. I hope that Kris and Dreamfever will be involved with Bamps for many more years to come.

Kristian has a fantastic personable approach to his work. His knowledge in graphic and website design has been exceptional and as a result has always delivered to expectation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

I first worked with Kris at Jagex on a number of funOrb games and was always a great admirer of his work and commitment to drive the quality of art being used in the games forward.

Since then I have worked freelance for his company (Dreamfever) and can highly recommend Kris as not only a brilliant artist and Flash developer, but also as a brilliant service provider and employer too.

Kristian was able to tend to our special needs. He got on the job right away and delivered promptly.

Kristian was commissioned to undertake a very bespoke product on very tight timescales. He went above and beyond to ensure the product was to specification and provided a very high quality final deliverable. I would definitely use him again.

So many times I have seen Kris go from a (vague!) specification to a fantastic design so quickly. He seems to be able to take the ideas you haven’t even thought of yet and collect them together in a series of designs that inspire. Noone who sees Kris’ work is anything less than amazed!

Here are a few things I’m good at:

Creative Direction

Defining styles, leading teams, nurturing talent through a consistent vision.

User Interaction

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User Experience

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Game Design

From features to fixes, I’m confident to share my thoughts and experience whenever required.


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Tea Making

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