These are a few small snapshots from many of my previous projects, a kindof misc folder of concepts and ideas that were started or pitched but never got far from my or others’ hard drives!

Or perhaps they are ready for reanimation…

Naturally, my roles here have adapted to what was required for the task set. In the Dirty Bomb mockup, this was a test for a new job as UI Lead that I was particularly proud of, the screens of silhouetted Zombies from a personal project called Aaarghmageddon (you can see a video here) where I designed everything from characters to UI and animations. Animentals was an infotainment site that I developed in Flash where you tour the facility as Dr. Foof who you can control with your keyboard and the last was Aliens VS. Catapults, a game for mobile that combined tower defence and angry birds.

Sadly it never got much further than artwork and animations.