A little about me:

Husband of one, father of two, during the day I work with the talented people at Supermassive Games as Lead UI Artist. The rest of the time I doodle, cook, game and nappy change (one of my Son’s… just to be clear He’s a year old).

As a driven and ambitious person I have always set myself goals, personal and professional – I’ve achieved a high level of education, travelled the world, successfully ran my own business and, not least, started a family. One goal I have yet to achieve is to run my own studio – something I hope to achieve in the future.

Work and Play

Hey Kris…

What am I doing?

Self-motivated UI specialist, bringing a unique combination of industry knowledge, passion and creative talent to the digital games industry. Experienced in providing direction to teams of talented artists/developers and conveying consistent creativity to a variety of projects.

Committed to creating the highest standard of product, delivering projects to schedule, highly organised, working consistently within time constraints and under pressure to multiple deadlines.